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Revive Foam Roller Water Bottle [1.2 L]

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Meet Revive, a travel friendly Foam Roller Water Bottle

  • Roll out your entire body anytime, anywhere

  • Drink two bottles per day for hydration needs (1.2L capacity)

  • Portable, Lightweight, Eco-Conscious

  • We plant 5 trees after every purchase

If you exercise regularly, you probably know the benefits of pre- and post-workout recovery, and you’re mindful of the importance of proper hydration. Finding a water bottle that you can carry around isn’t hard, but finding a portable foam roller is a bit trickier.

Plett's mission is to help exercise lovers hydrate, recover quickly & reduce injuries, so they can reach their peak performance.


Here at Plett we’re active people, and we just couldn’t imagine carrying an oversized foam roller to the gym, office or on our travels. We also hated the idea of using someone else’s, for example the one shared by hundreds of people at the gym (eww). So how are we gonna get those rolls in?

We created the foam roller that doesn’t look weird to carry around and roll with (even at the airport), which is also a sports water bottle.

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique. Benefits include:

- increased mobility & range of motion
- faster recovery
- release muscle knots
- deep tissue massage
- stretching out muscles
- relieves inflammation
- increased blood circulation

Staying hydrated is important for athletes to

- boost athletic performance
- lubricate your joints
- increase energy
- aid mental clarity


Capacity: 1.2L / 40 oz.
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 12 X 12 X 28 cm with foam; 9 X 9 X 28 cm without foam

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