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2-pack Premium beach dry bags

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Keep your belongings dry, no matter what

  • Two durable, high-quality dry bags that are fully sand and waterproof, and that can be cleaned in seconds

  • Foldable dry bags that fits into a backpack or suitcase with ease, and keeps your belongings dry and organised

  • A portable gym for your travels: fill the bag with water or sand to turn it into a kettlebell. Perfect for a beach workout, without having to carry heavy weights or equipment. The backpack is literally a gym that carries itself

  • Alternative ways to use the bags: laundry bag, toiletry bag, separate dry and wet clothes after a swim, shoe bag, pool bag


A beach essential:

- Keeps your valuables dry and sand-free
- Waterproof & floats on water
- Easy to clean: rinse it with water to clean it in seconds

A travel companion:

- A perfect packing solution for toiletries, laundry, for separating wet and dry clothes, for food etc.
- Foldable & Portable: when folded, the approximate size of the bags are 13cm X 33cm X 3cm; or 5.12" X 13" X 1.2"
- Many ways to use: laundry bag, toiletry bag, separate dry and wet clothes after a swim, shoe bag, pool bag, chalk bag for bouldering etc.

A sporty duo

- Use these dry bags as kettlebells & dumbbells. Simply fill the bags with water or sand, and start your workout. Endless exercise options, that you can do anywhere near water or sand.
- The bags can hold up to 6 kg weight each (when filled with sand).
- We included a weight guide inside the bags, to indicate how much weight is inside.
- We give two free grips to make exercising more comfortable.


Capacity: 6L per bag
Weight: 253 g per bag
Dimensions: 13cm X 33cm X 3cm; or 5.12" X 13" X 1.2" per bag


An important note on the filling the bags for workouts: **we advise that you work out with them outside.** Here’s why: they’re waterproof on the outside. However, it’s easy to fill the bags with too much weight. This means that the bags themselves can slightly leak - and you may notice a small amount of liquid come out (nothing significant) during exercise. Outdoors, this won’t impact your workout at all - and you won’t be much more wet/ sandy than when you filled up the bag in the first place. Indoors, however, we want to make sure your electronics, carpets and wooden floors stay 100% dry, so avoid working out in places where water and sand don't belong!

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