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Plett 20L waterproof backpack / dry bag

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3-in-1 Premium dry bag

  • durable, high-quality dry bag that is fully sand and waterproof, and that can be cleaned in seconds. The only dry bag you’ll ever want

  • 20L lightweight daypack for travel that fits more than enough gear for a trip, and keeps your belongings dry. This foldable bag can also be easily packed away
  • A portable gym for your travels: fill the bag with water or sand to turn it into a kettlebell. Perfect for a beach workout, without having to carry heavy weights or equipment. The backpack is literally a gym that carries itself 

  • We'll plant 5 trees after each purchase made


Turn your Plett travel backpack into a kettlebell or weighted vest in just a matter of seconds. Train outdoors during your adventures.


Step 1: Simply fill the bag with water, sand, or whatever you find in your environment. Roll up the bag to any size you want and start your workout. The bag can hold up to 12Kg / 27lbs added weight.

Step 2: Work out. With the Plett backpack you will have endless opportunities for exercises, including kettlebell, dumbbell and weighted vest exercises.

Step 3: When you are finished with your workout simply empty the water/sand out of the bag, clip the shoulder straps back on, and you're ready to go.

(The bags come with a free grip, to make exercise and carrying the bag more comfortable)


Capacity: 20L

Weight: 670g

Dimensions: 42 cm X 24cm // 16.53" X 9.45" when fully packed; 38cm X 13cm X 4cm // 15" X 5.1" X 1.6" when folded

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